Melina Johnson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, and a perpetual student of the subconscious mind. Melina is constantly seeking ways to improve her skills, as she believes that knowledge is a powerful ingredient for success.

With nearly two decades of experience and dedication to the study of hypnosis, metaphysics and quantum mechanics, her thirst for learning, growing, and self discovery has led her to become the living proof of what she advocates with passion “Fear is the only thing holding you back; once you master your fears, success is inevitable”.

Melina holds numerous specialty certifications including Handwriting Analysis, Past Life Regression, NLP, EFT, Pain Management, Guided Imagery and Stop Smoking. She is a Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Motivational Speaker, and Reiki Practitioner. 
Melina is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and she produces and broadcasts many seminars and training sessions all over Central, North and South America.

In addition to her private hypnotherapy practice, Melina owns 4 businesses and coaches two Business and Personal Development groups in Norman and Oklahoma City. She is a published author, and a college professor with 22 years of experience teaching IT classes. "Yes, I've been teaching since I was 16, and yes, I wrote a few books. People always raise their eyebrow at me, but I'm telling you, once you let go of fear, there's nothing you can't do. Want to write a book? Sit in front of your computer and type everything you know about the subject. Want to teach? Find someone who knows less than you, and share your knowledge with them!"

Melina has accomplished a profound level of understanding related to the power of the human mind and collective consciousness. She inspires her clients to release fears and negativity, and to focus on the positive aspects of any situation where "what was" can be understood and "what will be" can finally be achieved. She is not simply dedicated to help people to discover their true potential;
she is unwavering committed to help them to become it.

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